Windows Chat Client/Server

In May of 1999 I wrote a Windows multiuser chat server and client, similar to IRC. Supported client commands are:

/help		Display this help message
/ignore [id]	Ignore a user, or unignore them
/whois [id]	View information about a user
/topic [topic]	Set new topic
/adminop [id]	Give someone admin-op (if possible)
/servop [id]	Give someone server-op (if possible)
/op [id]		Give someone channel op (if possible)
/deop [id]		Revert someone to normal user.
/rhelp		Display remote help message
/wake [id]	Get someones attension
/sendfile [host] [file]	Send [file] to user on [host]
/motd		Get Message of The Day
/msg [id] [msg]	Send a private message
Servers can broadcast server notices to all connected clients. Channels with topics are fully supported. Users can have channel, server, or admin operator status.
Jeff's Chat Client 2.0 download executable
Jeff's Chat Server 2.0 download executable

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