Darkwing Duck's Cold Shadow Level Passwords

Cold Shadow is a game I played years ago. I no longer have it installed. However, when I did have Cold Shadow I was able to find out all the level passwords:

Passwords for Coldshadow

1 ------   The Mojo Mansion
2 ININJA   Ninja Training
3 MUDPIE   Muddrake Mayhem
4 HTFOOT   The Sacrifice of  Maui
5 ZEFROG   The Test of Duckhood
6 ARRGGH   The Flying Duckman
7 DKMPOZ   The Realm of the Dead 
8 NOCHNC   Mojo Stronghold
(This file was last modified August 18th, 1997)

I found these by searching the Cold Shadow executable for the level 2 password. All the other level passwords where stored in close proximity.

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