The Connelly Case - Low Cost Alternative To CD Jewel Cases

Download to make your own CD cases from standard letter-size paper, complete with text and images. The included template can be opened in an image editing program, printed, and folded to securely hold a CD without any adhesives. The included readme has precise measurements, so you can make these cases without any printing.

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eConnelly Case

The eConnelly economy case can be made using legal-sized paper.

Step 1. Lay the CD or DVD on the lower center region of the paper as shown.

Step 2. Fold the lower flap, about an inch, over the lower area of the disc.

Step 3. Fold each side, again about an inch, across the left and right edges of the disc. The left and right flaps should be approximately equal in size.

Step 4. Grasp the disc through the paper and fold it away from you as shown.

Step 5. Fold the remaining flap over and ensure it is creased well.

Step 6. Insert the large flap into the smaller flap. This may take some practice.

Step 7. This is how the eConnelly case should look up side down.

Step 8. Label the case, optionally. A Sharpie will do fine, but if you want to have a cover image, that is possible also. Use the template at the very top of this page (letter sized paper only) for fancier covers.

Step 9. When you're ready to open your eConnelly case, simply pull the flap. (Sorry for the blurry picture). Enjoy your first eConnelly case!

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