Diddy Kong Racing GameShark Codes

The vehicle modifier codes allow you to not only change the vehicle to a car, hover, or plane, but also to play as a boss.

Playing as a boss at Everfrost Peak.
As you can see, controlling the large boss, here can be difficult as you have about 1/4 of your screen obscured by your own character.
While playing as a boss, you still can obtain weapons.
In the tunnel.
Using a boost.
A close up.
When playing two players, if the other player passes you, you turn invisible as when playing against a real boss.
The boss firing a missile.
When you play as a boss, the game screws up and thinks your out of time, returning you back to Taj even when in track mode. Not only can you squish frogs when a boss, but you can also squish other. players (when on a track at least).
If the other player changes his vehicle, the boss freezes in time...
...as shown here.
...and here.
Even if a boss is in the air, it still stays put.
You can also become a teradactal, and can fly threw hoops. A teradactal acts as if it is flying a plane.
Teradactals can even do flips as in an airplane.
Of course, being a boss does not make you immune to missiles.
Another boss you can become is the walrus. Just as when playing the real walrus, snow is thrown up when you move, even if there is no snow on the ground.
The walrus, T.T., and Conker.
Walrus being invisible. Ever wanted to play as the walrus on Walrus Cove? Now you can.

To see what you can do as a boss, view these video clips: (currently they are not uploaded, not enough bandwidth).

The first video clip is available from Tripod.

Dual Activator P1 D1121690 ????
Dual Activator P2 D1121696 ????
Vehicle modifier P1 80126F80 00??
Vehicle modifier P2 80126F81 00??
Selected character P1 80126988 00??
Weapon modifier
This address changes. To find it: get 10 missiles, use GS Pro to search for the known value 10, shoot a missile, search for 9, etc., until a small number of possibilities remain. The working address is in the middle of two other values. The ten missiles address is weapon-count. The memory editor can be used to change any of these bytes temporarily. Note that weapon-count can be applied to any weapon; allowing unlimited homing missiles, boosts, oil slicks, spikeballs, bubbles, shields, and magnets to be obtained.
weapon-type weapon-count weapon-intensity
P1 D-pad to select vehicle (left, right, down = car, hover, plane). Useful to fly a plane on tracks which don't usually allow it. D1121690 0100
80126F80 0000
D1121690 0200
80126F80 0001
D1121690 0400
80126F80 0002
P2 D-pad to select vehicle D1121696 0100
80126F81 0000
D1121696 0200
80126F81 0001
D1121696 0400
80126F81 0002
Magic codes start address (for use with memory editor) 801F39C8
Icicle pyramid P1 lifes modifier 801DEB6D 00??
Icicle pyramid P2 lifes modifier 801DF41D 00??
Icicle pyramid P3 lifes modifier 801DFBAD 00??
Icicle pyramid P4 lifes modifier 801E033D 00??
Darkwater beach lives P1 modifier 801DF90D 00??
Darkwater beach lives P2 modifier 801DFF7D 00??
Smokey Castle P1 stored bananas modifier 801E0D6B 00??
Smokey Castle P1 immediate bananas modifier 801E0D5D 00??
Smokey Castle P2 immediate bananas 801E160D 00??
Smokey Castle P3 immediate bananas modifier 801E1D9D 00??
P1 smoke output modifier (dynamic?) 801F2618 00??
P2 acceleration? 8016B610 00??
P2 accel/zoom? 8021FE07 00??
P2 zoom? 803FF847 00??
  • 00 car
  • 01 hover
  • 02 plane
  • Other vehicles: (xx - icon when choosing vehicle, on-track behavior)
  • 04 TT, uncontrollable
  • 05 "Player 1", rhino boss
  • 06 "Player 4", walrus boss
  • 07 triangle up, teradactal boss
  • 08 triangle left, small teradactal boss
  • 09 freeze
  • 00 boost
  • 01 missile(s)
  • 02 oil, bubble, or spikeball
  • 03 shield
  • 04 magnet
  • 00 crunch
  • 01 diddy
  • 02 bumper
  • 03 banjo
  • 05 conker
  • 05 tiptup
  • 06 pipsy
  • 07 timber
  • 08 drumstick
  • 09 T.T.
Smoke types:
  • 00 none
  • 01 random colored smoke
  • 05 bright colored smoke
  • 08 white light
  • 09 bluish light
  • 0A yellow light
Magic codes:

Extracted from address 801F39C8 in the memory editor.

1058732594Control T.T.
8649305321Control drumstick
0986754321Mirrored tracks
12345678900High speed racing
ARNOLDBig characters
TEENYWEENIESSmall characters
JUKEBOXMusic test
FREEFRUITStart with 10 bananas
8846325012Print coords
WHODIDTHISDisplay credits
NOYELLOWSTUFFDisable bananas
BOGUSBANANASBananas reduce speed
VITAMINBNo limit to bananas
BOMBSAWAYAll Balloons are red
TOXICOFFENDERAll Balloons are green
ROCKETFUELAll Balloons are blue
BODYARMORAll Balloons are yellow
OPPOSITESATTRACTAll Balloons are rainbow
FREEFORALLMaximum powerup
ZAPTHEZIPPERSTurn off zippers
DOUBLEVISIONSelect same player
OFFROADFour-wheel drive (no slowdown when off track)
JOINTVENTURETwo player adventure
EOLAOBFENRLONEFree Balloon (get a free gold balloon when starting or continuing an adventure)
EPCEPC Lockup display

While you cannot enter numerical magic codes directly, the in-game memory editor can be used to change the codes to letters so they can be entered. End codes with byte 00.

"Print coords" could be useful for making a teleportion code.

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