Super Mario Bros. Game Genie Codes

Super Mario Bros. code list

Note: Codes that end in a number like 1/2 mean that they should be included with another code, for example one ending in 2/2.

All codes from the Game Genie Codebook are included, as well as about 40 codes exclusively available from this web site. View list of codes. Here are some screen shots:

Start on Level Zero! (start on any world 0 3/3) Start on Level Nine Yup, this is Level A That's right, this is Level C You guessed it -- Level D Mario is walking on air Mario is standing on an invisible platform There is no firearm on the block above This code changes the colors Mario is walking inside a platform Enimies sunk below the ground Different colors again Mario died in the Introduction

Included codes (65):

start with one life
start with six lifes
start with nine lifes
player 1: 8 lifes, 2: 3
infinite lifes
super jump standing
super jump running
super jump turbo
mega jump standing
mega jump running
mega jump turbo
moon gravity standing
moon gravity running
moon gravity turbo
stay big 1/3
stay big 2/3
stay big 3/3
start on any world 1/3
start on any world 2/3
start on world 2 3/3
start on world 3 3/3
start on world 4 3/3
start on world 5 3/3
start on world 6 3/3
start on world 7 3/3
start on world 8 3/3
start on world a 3/3
start on world b 3/3
start on world c 3/3
start on world 0 3/3
start on world e 3/3
start on world f 3/3
start with 0 lives
gray screen
weightless turbo
weightless running
weightless standing
very high jump standing
flying block when ?
flying block when ?
blue text on ?
white text on ?
gray text on ?
grey shadow text on ?
wrap around screen
stall before ?
wrap around half way
walk backwards/teleport
freeze when jump
resistance when walking
blank screen when start
grey screen when start
numbers when ?
no flashing
turn ? into blocks
turn ? into fmo or fsn
turn ? into cloud or br
do not clear intro
turn coin white
turn coin yellow
flash coin and last num
green blocks when ?
lower green blck when ?
black ?
white ?

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