CP437.fnt - Alternate 8x16 Character font

cp437.fnt is an a font which uses the CP437 codepage (standard IBM console character set on all PCs), and glyphs from Unifont. It is fully compatiable with extended characters such as box drawing and Greek. Unifont's glyphs are much lighter than the default OEM ones, and easier on the eye. You can set your font to cp437.fnt by using Marcio Afonso Arimura Fialho's dosfnt01.zip package in DOS or Windows. Put the command fontsel cp437.fnt in your Autoexec.bat if you want all MS-DOS Prompts in windows to have this font.

This font was made possible by Roman Czyborra's codepage mappings and the free Unifont bitmap Unicode font. If you want to be able to use any Unicode character Unifont currently has, see my DOS Character package.

You can also use cp437.fnt on virtual consoles in other operating systems. FreeBSD: vidcontrol -f cp437.fnt. Note, this won't work in X.

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