P2P News Bot

News is an IRC bot that runs (ran?) on the P2PChat IRC network. Its purpose is to keep IRC users informed on current news about P2P.


!news zp reads the latest headlines from Zeropaid.

!news slyck reads the latest headlines from Slyck.

!news accepts a number specifying the number of articles you want returned. For example, !news 3zp would give you the first three Zeropaid news articles.

!stats reports the sizes of various P2P networks from Slyck.

!mp2p reports the size of the MANOLITO P2P network as used by Piolet and Blubster.


News officially operates in the following channels:

Periodically, new news articles are sent to all channels as soon as they are posted. You can idle in #news if all you want is news updates, although very little chatter goes on there.


Thanks to the owners and participants in P2P news for making this possible.

Hosting provided by endersgame21

Coded by jeff

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