Google Summer of Code 2007 - MySpaceIM Pidgin Protocol Plugin - protocol documentation. View the September 24th, 2008 mirror if this is unavailable.

For more information:

New (added 2009-02-04): check out the archive of my GSoC '07 blog if you missed it.

For the latest information, please see the MySpaceIM wiki page. This web page is now mostly only of historical interest, if any.

This page contains various information about my Google Summer of Code application to Gaim: a plugin implementing the MySpaceIM protocol.

Update 2007-04-11: My application has been accepted. Sean Egan is my mentor and coding will officially begin on May 28th, 2007.

Archives (old):


Screenshot of using MsimPrpl in Pidgin on 2007-06-17 (around v0.7):

An older screenshot of 0.2: